Cosmetic crowns are considered elective by insurance companies and are not likely to be covered by your insurance. We have many financing options to make getting the smile of your dreams affordable.

The term "cosmetic filling" is used for fillings that you choose to have done for a cosmetic purpose such as: changing the shape of your tooth, or filling front gaps. Because the filling is not to fix damage or decay in your tooth it is considered elective by insurance companies and is not likely to be covered.

Veneers are usually only done to the front upper and lower teeth. During the procedure the dentist will create a thin piece of ceramic that will be permanently bonded to the front of each tooth. In preparation for the veneer the dentist will need to file and shape the front of each tooth. Veneers are a more affordable option than cosmetic crowns.

The KOR Whitening System is a combination of in office AND at home whitening treatments.  We have completed many cases where patients with dark, or even tetracycline stained teeth, have had outstanding results.  

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