Just like a bridge that spans gaps in the road, dental bridges cross gaps in your smile and are used to replace missing teeth. A bridge is like a crown, but it is held in place by being attached to the neighboring teeth forming a bridge over the space.

A crown, sometimes called a cap, will restore the strength and appearance of your previously damaged tooth.
At Sage Creek Dental, Twin Falls dentist Dr. Godfrey can make you a custom crown in one visit that will look and feel like a real tooth.

Dental Implants have totally changed dentistry and are superior to bridges as a way to replace a missing tooth or secure a denture.

Having an implant secured denture increases the confidence of denture wearers because they know their denture won’t accidently come loose or fall out in public.

If you get a cavity it should be filled without delay so it doesn’t worsen into something more painful and expensive. Wouldn’t you rather have a filling than let the decay get so bad you eventually need a root canal or to have the tooth pulled?

Root canals are like teenagers, you only hear about the bad ones. Most are a relatively painless procedure.

Simple extractions cost less and are quicker than surgical extractions. Many times the dentist doesn't know which type of extraction you'll need until he begins the procedure so you should be prepared for either kind.

Wisdom Teeth are usually removed because you do not have enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to come in and function properly. If wisdom teeth are left in they can cause pain and damage adjacent teeth.

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